I pledge to uphold the spirit of this Athlete Code of Conduct which offers a general guide to my conduct as an associate of Strive Youth and JuniorTeam

I will act in a sportsman like manner. I will treat my teammates, competitors, parents, coach, children and race officials with respect, dignity, and appreciation. I will provide support through positive language and gestures. I will engage in no form of discriminatory behavior including physical or verbal abuse.

I will always give my maximum effort at each practice and race.

I will use appropriate language and avoid using profanity.

I will always compete within the rules of my national governing body. If I am not able to compete within the rules of my national governing body, I will voluntarily alert an official or disqualify myself.

I will respond to both success and failure with dignity, respect, and a perspective of learning from each experience.

I will not abuse illegal substances including performance enhancing drugs, alcohol, or social drugs.

By Signing this Code of Conduct, I agree to abide by the policies above. I understand that failure to abide by these policies could result in immediate release from contract or obligation.

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